Jumpstart: How To Go Live On Tiktok 2020


Why Go Live On TikTok

Research in 2019 shows that 80% of the audience prefers to watch online video live broadcasts rather than view posts; meanwhile, 82% of fans prefer to watch the brand’s live broadcast. What’s more, the number of Tik Tok app downloads has surpassed Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in mobile devices. So undeniably, how to go live on tiktok is a question worth learning. Here are some quick-start guides.

In this article, we will teach you how to go live on TikTok in 2 situations:

One situation is how to go.live on tik tok without 1000 followers, or how to go.live on tik tok without 1000 fans. 

The other situation is how to go live on TikTok if you have enough 1000 followers, or how to go.live on tik tok  without 1000 fans.

How To Go Live On Tik Tok Without 1000 Followers

Many people ask us how many followers to go live on tiktok? The answer is at least 1000 followers. There are three major methods to solve the problem of how to go.live on tic tok without 1000 fans. 

#1. Gain followers free

  1. Choose the area you are good at.

  2. Post HD attractive original videos

  3. Use detail trending hashtags and proper location tags 

  4. Trailing The Top News and post them with your Unique insights

  5. Choose The best timing to post    11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

  6. Post your TikTok videos on your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Other Social Media Platforms

  7. Post TikTok videos every day. To keep your TikTok active, you should keep on posting your videos and at least post 200 videos

  8.   how to go.live on tic tok free through other artifice

  1. “test- Evaluation” or “Distinguish”  

The contemporary Internet, a small sunscreen, there are thousands of varieties on the market, and the products are genuine or fake, which is difficult to distinguish and choose, which gives a lot of room for evaluation videos

B. Taste + comment

The same dish, the same fruit, everyone has different feelings and evaluations, you can shoot your own taste video and taste

C.  Expert status + live-action+ professional knowledge

As an expert, introduce the content of knowledge in the form of a real person, and then let readers comment.

D. Reply to comments and feedback from users.

After the fan receives the reply, they will view your video again. which will increase views, and the weight and recommendation of the account can also be increased.

E. Keep the video short enough (within 8~15 seconds)

The popular algorithm of Douyin has nothing to do with the length of the video, but the length of the video will affect the tiktok data:

  *Completion rate: The probability of a video being completely played, the number of people who watched it/the total number of plays.

*Like Rate: The probability of likes after watching a video, the number of likes/the total number of plays.

*Message rate: the probability of leaving a video message, the number of people leaving the message / the total number of playback

*Concern Rate: The probability of following a video, the number of followers/the total number of plays.


#2. Get followers from TikTok ads. 

The most direct method to gain TikTok followers is to use TikTok Ads. However, it may cost a lot if you don’t have any experience.

After creating an attractive Tik Tok video, you need to choose the right region, gender,age, hobby and post time for your Ads. In addition, the Ads formula need adjust many times 

#3. Buy followers directly 

Is there any way to increase TikTok followers instantly with fewer fees than TikTok ads?  Of course, there is. You can buy TikTok followers directly, and it is safe enough if you have a proper way to make it.

Several websites supply TikTok followers, but their followers are neither real accounts, nor able to keep up. Still, there are many other great websites for you to buy real TikTok followers for your TikTok, like the wogow, which supply high-quality real TikTok followers to you. wogow can provide delivery by your TikTok username without your password. 

How to Go Live on TikTok After Getting 1000 Fans?

How do I go live on tiktok after getting 1000 followers? If you have enough 1000 followers, it’s easy to go live on TikTok. Then let’s tell you how to go live on TikTok after you have the ability to go live.


Make Ready For Go Live On TikTok


Essential tools: live support (live artifact)

Auxiliary tools: sound card (good sound, good atmosphere), background cloth, fill light, two mobile phones (one mobile phone and one computer), if live broadcast in the factory, you can bring a selfie stick or cloud platform


You need to show your best personal image, wear, hairstyle, makeup.

#Language Disability

Because Tik Tok is a global social software, it is available in any language. It is necessary to locate the language of your target group. Here is a tip. If the language is not good, use 2-3 mobile phones to install the real-time translation function and show it to fans in different languages.

Operation Steps of TikTok Live

#1.download and install the TIKTOK app from the Play Store or App Store intoYour Device

#2. Open your TikTok app and log into your account, if necessary.

#3. Tap the Plus Sign

There is a plus sign at the bottom-center of the screen. please click it. 

#4. Click the “Live” button, 

Click the “Live” button, which is located next to the option to record.

#5.Enter an Eye-Catching Title 

Please choose some valuable words as your TikTok live title. And make sure the words are not only interesting, but also eye-catching. 

#6.Select “Go Live ”  button

Select the “Go Live”  button to start your Live Stream.

Use Necessary Skill to Go.live on Tik Tok 

How to go.live on tic tok smoothly? You need to use the necessary skill to go.live on Tik Tok successfully.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, the interaction is just self-talk. Because there will not be many fan interactions or gifts. How to get more people into the live room? Here are some “Quick-start buttons” for you to go live on tiktok 2020. 

#1.Find the area you are good at

you must find the direction you are good at, and stick to it for a long time. Will form their own characteristics and attract more fans.

#2. Face your followers bravely

Going Live on TikTok requires good psychological quality. Many novices will be nervous when facing fans, They will be worrying that their style is not what fans like. 

When chatting with fans in the live room, according to the chat content between you, you can find the common points between you and the fans. These common points is the best topic of the conversation.

#3. Interrogative ending 

It refers to the end of the conversation ending in the tone of some interrogative sentences, so that fans can continue to interact with you, you can’t block the words.

#4.Prepare a list of joke paragraphs

There is no topic, the live broadcast does not understand what to say? Prepare paragraphs and prepare a list of joke paragraphs for your followers.

Talk about life more, like the recent epidemic.

#5. Make a talent show

Make a wonderful live broadcast, such as a talent show.

Regular live broadcast, fixed time and duration, so that fans can watch the live broadcast according to your rules.


How to Selling Goods on live Broadcast

How do you go live on tiktok in order to sell  goods?  There are three factors for realizing selling goods live broadcast: people, goods, and field.


The anchor is the core of living on tiktok. The anchor, fan popularity, and operation team are inseparable. Any live sale is inseparable from the anchor’s understanding of the product, the ability to express, control the field, and even the necessary performance capabilities. The cooperation and assistance of the operation team before, during, and after the live broadcast are crucial factors for the smooth live broadcast. 

#The Loyalty Fans

The loyalty, purchasing power, and quantity of fans are closely related to the final transaction. Whether the fans buy your goods is related to the interactive of your live broadcast at that time. In a cold live broadcast room, even if your product is good, seldom viewers will buy your goods. Conversely, when the number of interactions in your live broadcast increases, everyone will be interested in your product, plus your good introduction, everyone will be interested in giving it a try.


Goods are the key to the entire transaction. Goods with sufficient discounts, uniquely packaged goods, limited-edition goods, and after-sales service for the goods can ultimately affect the competition between the anchor and the anchor. The live anchor will drive the atmosphere, coupled with the strength of the discount, I believe you will be a big seller.



Out of the live broadcast room, to the origin of the brand, and through the switch of multiple scenarios (brand offline stores, live broadcast rooms, duty-free shops, etc.), make the live broadcast more realistic and more scene-oriented. Make your live broadcast room more trustworthy, and make fans more willing to buy your products.

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